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A micro brewery produces a small amount of beer, typically much smaller than large-scale corporate breweries, and is independently owned. These breweries are generally characterized by their emphasis on quality, flavour and unique brewing techniques.


What is Real Beer

Natural beer is brewed in the traditional manner. Absolutely no additives or preservatives, unfiltered, unpasteurised and naturally conditioned.

A real beer fills you with flavor, not with gas. Also, with a real beer, you may find some brewer’s yeast in the bottom of the bottle. So, when pouring your beer, crash the beer into the glass to develop the natural head and then, if you require your beer to be crystal clear, leave about 5mm in the bottle. If however, you demand the whole experience, then ENJOY the whole beer!

Delalmar Crafted Beers


Crafty Beer

Capital Ale

ALC. 4.5% VOL

Golden in colour, a mixture of fruity, hoppy, earthy, buttery and malty aromas and flavors can be found.





Crafty Beer

Jacaranda Weiss

ALC. 4.5% VOL

Along with its light sweetness and zesty citrus, low herbal character, weiss beer has a wonderful soft, creamy feel to it. The key to that wonderful mouthful is a liberal dose of wheat and oats, which add a rich, luscious character to the beer. Slow fermented with a zest taste.

Our craft beer is available as draught beer in kegs.

Beer Tastings

Come taste our two beers and a choice of 3 x 20ml liqueurs for only R30 at any of our venues.
Happy hour between 15:00 and 16:00 every Wednesday and Friday at Vredenheim only for R20 a draught.

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Gin d’Almar

We are now also distilling our own liqueurs and gins under the label of Gin d’almar.  


Gin (Juniper Berries): R300 p/b

Gin (Citrus infused): R300 p/b

Butterscotch Liqueur: R130 p/b

Cafelua Liqueur: R130 p/b

If you would like to order, please complete the form on our BUY WINE page.

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